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Prime Technology

Prime Technology LLC manufactures electronic systems and provides engineering design services for measurement, display, communication and control equipment for various applications. Prime has evolved from Tank Level Indication products into integrated systems with broad applications that combine our expertise in display, software and measurement technologies with our vertically integrated manufacturing capability.

Our customer base includes:

  • Electric Boat Division of General
  • Newport News Division of Northrop
  • TRW Space & Technology Division
  • Naval Systems Weapons Center,
  • Norfolk Naval Shipyard
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • CAE Electronics Ltd
  • Rolls Royce PLC
  • Ingalls Shipbuilding
  • Cessna Aircraft
  • Boeing Space and Communications
    Systems Division
  • Bath Iron Works Corporation
  • Con Edison
  • Westinghouse Electric

We have a variety of extraordinary capabilities supporting our efforts to further expand into the electronic systems market.

1. We have developed an outstanding engineering department with a considerable drafting and design capability.

2. We have retained our vertical manufacturing orientation. This means that we continue to have the ability to design and manufacture tools and molds, machine parts and mold plastics.

3. We have the ability to perform a variety of manufacturing processes such as automated surface mount pick and place, through hole assembly, wire bonding, mechanical assembly, metal fabrication, secondary machining, painting and marking.

4. We manufacture our own unique test equipment and tooling as well as use state of the art commercially available test equipment.

Our primary focus and competitive advantage, however, is our staff of brilliant Engineers.

Our goal is to provide our customer base a resource that designs, develops and manufactures electronic systems to their individual requirements. We are uniquely able to provide this at an exceptional value by calling on our past technological successes to use as building blocks for future projects. Through the use of this existing technology combined with our growing expertise in dealing with system-based projects, we can offer solutions at a reduced cost, faster schedule and with less risk. We also provide a single resource from system concept through design, development, manufacture and long term support.

Examples of our recent successful history in supporting system development Requirements are as follows:

Sonar Dome Pressure Monitor and Display System; A system to monitor and regulate the internal pressur€1 of a ship's Sonar Dome with the external pressure of the ship's environment to allow for the efficient transference of the sonar signals through the interface of internal and external pressures.

Sanitary Control Instrument System; A system to control multiple sanitation tanks and their coordinated discharge from a submarine. Also allowing for "quiet" operation activities as well as manual over ride conditions.

RTD Measurement and Display System; A temperature monitoring system to respond quickly to changes in temperatures within critical areas such as munitions and power generation facilities. The system displays the
information as well as provides communication to central processing stations
and provides control signals to reactive systems.

Pressure Measurement and Display System; A pressure measurement system, either absolute or differential, that monitors pressure within a tank or other pressurized vessel. A unique system in that it monitors with very high accuracies and self monitors and corrects thereby requiring infrequent
maintenance and calibration.

Tachometer Measurement and Display System; A rotational frequency
measurement and display system that measures the rotational speed of critical components requiring high accuracy and high precision such as axles in power generation facilities or ships. The sensor was uniquely designed to
forgive slight wobble characteristics within the shaft thereby enhancing the
inherent reliability of the system.

Lock Out Trunk Pressure Indication System; A pressure measurement, display and communication system that monitors the differential pressure between a remote manned vehicle and the main submergence vehicle while displaying and communicating the information simultaneously to both vehicles.

Deep Submergence Vehicle Measurement, Display and Communication System; A measurement, display ana communication system that measures a variety of temperature, gas ratios, pressures and other information in the Navy's underwater rescue deep submergence vehicle. The system measures and displays the information locally within the vehicle and simultaneously communicates this information to the host surface ship for real time display. It also provides an audio link through the same physical communication wiring for simultaneous voice communication.

Lead Acid Battery Monitor and Communication System; A system for Wit: in the medical industry to monitor the health of a lead acid battery used to power instrumentation. The system monitors the health of the battery, displays the information to a local digital display and communicates the information to a host computer for display through a windows environment and for further communication through the local network to a central facility for monitoring of all battery status.

Laser Backup Hardware System; A system used as a failsafe backup that monitors and controls the chemicals on board the new Airborne Laser
program. The system allows for the control, and potential purge, of onboard
chemicals in the event of a catastrophic failure.

Various Virginia Class Submarine Systems; Systems used to monitor, display and communicate critical information on board the Virginia Class Submarine. Systems include Tank Level Indication, Weapons Launch Console, Depth Indication Systems, Trash Disposal System and the Pressure Panel for Seal Deployment.

SSGN Ship's Control Station; The redesign of the majority of the control panels and systems on board the Trident Class submarine during the change from a strategic mission submarine to a tactical mission submarine. The control panels and systems redesigned are the primary controls, automatic and manual, for the attitude of the submarine in the water. This is a major effort requiring three years and the dedicated involvement and the close working relationship between Prime and General Dynamics' Electric Boat Division as well as the U.S. Navy.

We adhere to a rigorous Quality Program that conforms to the Nuclear Power Issues Committee (NUPIC) lOCFR50 Appendix B and lOCFR2l. We also conform to MIL-I-45208 for inspection and MIL-STD-45662A for calibration. Adherence to these standards is necessary for our continued successful support of the Nuclear Power Industry as well as our Military customers. We have qualified a variety of products to military and power industry requirements including some of the most stringent EMI standards in practice.

Prime Technology is a privately owned company. The ownership is distributed across one primary owner and twelve managers, all of which are highly motivated and available on site. Since nineteen eighty-two, we have been located on twelve acres in North Branford Connecticut in a thirty-nine thousand square foot facility.